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Why Choose Us?

There are many website designers and providers to choose from, so why choose us?

Many high-end website designers create completely custom websites, built from the ground up. They pride themselves in not using a template. However, this completely custom work always comes with a hefty price tag. Defining Dimensions has chose an alternate route. We are able to utilize many of the very unique templates available on the internet today and pass along the savings to our customers.

The many misconceptions about using a template:
  • Everyone else will have a website that looks like mine.
  • I will have to have photos of people that don't even work for me on my page.
  • I'm stuck using the same font colors and style.
  • ....I won't be able to change (insert nearly anything here).

These things are simply untrue! There are so many templates available on the web that the chances of you having the same template as someone else in the same state or industry is highly unlikely. We will even scour the internet looking for similar business to ensure your site looks unique.

As far as the photos in the template, those are provided as guides and can certainly be replaced. You can choose to use these default pictures or provide us with replacements. The same goes for the font and other typography elements, like color, size, and style. The template is simply a starting place that allows us to get your website on the web as quickly as possible. Once it's there, there are many adjustments that can be made.

Still not convinced or have more questions? Feel free to contact us for more information.


Defining Dimensions is a Web Site Design and Development Company. Our services include design, creation, and maintenance of popular Joomla CMS driven websites. We serve any and all persons in need of a presence on the web nationwide from Taylorville, Illinois.